IRIS Consulting CEO Shares a New Business Opportunity with Site Members

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I am the CEO of IRIS Consulting and I am truly excited to share with you a unique new business opportunity for  achieving personal well-being and for financial and time freedom.

If any of the following applies to you, then consider this opportunity seriously and take immediate action.

If you:

i)Are Unemployed and consider yourself in the Job Market

ii)Are employed and need to earn more to meet your needs and to power your dreams

iii)Have retired or about to retire and thinking of what to do to stay fully engaged and earning well at the same time

iv)Earning really well but don’t enjoy your work but need to first build an alternative income stream to enable you to confidently take the step of moving on to what you really love

v)Have dreams you want to empower but need the financial means to do so

vi)Want to start a business you love  but lack the capital to begin and will be excited if you can create a vehicle to help you raise the required financing

vii)Have people asking you to help them get jobs and want a means  of helping these people create their own business easily and help others  to do the same

Before I go further, I want you to consider the following which together can help you to develop the right mindset for stupendous success in your life and career:

“Your greatest enemy is procrastination. Your biggest obstacle is inertia. Your most dangerous temptation is delaying. Postponing can wipe out the opportunity. Scratch out the word “someday”. Someday is today.” Robert Schuller

"You will get whatever you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want". Zig Ziglar

 "I would rather earn 1% of a 100 people efforts than 100% of my own efforts". Paul J. Getty

“The richest people in the world look for and build NETWORKS. Everyone else looks for work.” Robert Kiyosaki

Also consider that there are FOUR groups of people in the world:

Group 1:Those who can’t see an opportunity even when it is right in front of them

Group 2:Those who can see an opportunity but are too indolent to take action and find lots of excuses for not acting

Group 3:Those  who see an opportunity, take only feeble action and then give up

Group 4:Those who see an opportunity, take action and go all the way to stupendous success

I assume that you will like to be one of those in the fourth group. These are the leaders and entrepreneurs of our world who bring lots of joy to others even when they have to start with little or nothing other than a can-do mindset, unshakeable determination to succeed and a readiness to work hard to empower their dreams.

So I am going to  first state the problem, simply. All of us regardless of age, colour, religion, education  and geographical location have one  problem we need to solve in common: how to be healthy, have the financial and time freedom to pursue our dreams and live happily.

Let me also state the solution, simply. Mathematicians tell us that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. To find a straight line  from where we are  today to the point of achieving financial and time freedom, honestly; all my research points to one powerful tool: building and managing a network  marketing business.

So welcome to the Trevo wellness and  networking business opportunity and get ready to empower your dreams. Why is the Trevo network marketing  opportunity so powerful? Here are a few reasons:

i) The Trevo network marketing opportunity is built around the Trevo product which contains 174  natural ingredients and  is the world’s number 1 nutraceutical complete wellness  offering in a single bottle. Remember that “the first wealth is health”.

ii)Trevo, the next billion dollar brand  is new in the world; entered the global market in 2010 and debuted in Nigeria in 2011. So joining Trevo now means a rare opportunity to benefit from its exponential growth over the coming years.

iii)The Wellness Industry is predicted to be moving towards a 1 trillion USD market size. It only makes sense to be part of this massive opportunity.

iv)You do not need an office, employees or big capital to start your Trevo business. There is a ready-made business and marketing system you can use and a proven product to work with.You only need to recruit and to build a team starting from your family members and friends who when they join your team will also  be working for themselves just like you.

v)Trevo compensation plan is simple, attractive and real. There are several Nigerians who are already earning USD45,000 a month from their Trevo business.

vi)There is no limit to how much you can earn in Trevo and how fast you can progress. You can become a Trevo Director in  6 months, one year, two years,etc. There is  also no limit to the number of people that can reach the top executive ranking in Trevo. It all depends on you.

vii)No experience is required, no requirement for a degree, your Phd, your status, where you come from, who you know in  Trevo Management etc do not count. What counts is your ability to see the vision and to go all the way in performing to achieve stupendous success for yourself and others.

viii)Trevo works and  by restoring the health and wellbeing of so many people around the globe, is bringing hope and joy to millions of individuals and families.

Joining Trevo to earn yourself a Life and Health Coach status as well as a distributorship is simple.

i) complete a simple application form( which I can send to you by email)

ii)include your Enroller details which are:name(Richard Onome Obire),Customer ID #(4469596) and email address(

iii) Pay your N34,000 in your own full names into any TREVO AFRICA CONCEPT LTD  bank accounts and keep the teller safely for use to collect your initial Life and Health Coach/distributor package from a Trevo Distribution Centre nearest to you.

Trevo Africa Concept Bank Accounts are:

1)FCMB       0768507015

2)ZENITH     1013157989

3)SKYE       1771378984

4)GTB        0127650842

Your registration gives you:

i)Three  32 ounce Trevo bottles and other starter pack items

ii)Your personal Life and Health Coach website from which to market and manage your Trevo business

iii) Opportunity to reorder Trevo at special distributor prices.

You are ready to start recruiting other people as Life and Health Coaches/ distributors starting with your family members, friends, business partners, locally and internationally.

You have 8 ways to make money from your Trevo business:

  • 25-40% retail profit
  • 40% fast start bonus
  • 20% matching bonus
  • 8 levels group volume commission
  • 4 levels bulk pack commission
  • Sharing of 1% Global Pool Commission
  • Leadership bonus as car,training and international travel
  • Charity bonus

As your team leader, my job is to help  to train you to get started in the business, help you build your own team and to develop you into a builder of other team leaders so together we can work to expand your Trevo business for mutual benefit and for the benefit of all team members.

You might want to visit my Trevo website at for more information on this unique opportunity.

You can also reach me now by email or phone to discuss your questions and how you can begin your journey to allround wellness, financial and time freedom.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Richard Obire

0808 339 4797

0803 341 3673


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